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Don't boot it from cold, let it warm up 1st with gentle driving for a couple miles,
Take good care of it regular servicing every 5k is what most people do on here, always use premium fuel, they tend to like v power the best.
Enjoy !

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Wotcha and welcome - lovely motor, looking forward to eventually having another!!

I have a short article somewhere - maybe on my PC at home so will update when back in UK - one I do remember is not to give it full throttle from low revs - it over stresses the standard pistons and can lead to ringland failure.

Make sure you get all the muck off the lip inside the rear arches when cleaning, it just sits there and can lead to rust.

Dont park under an oak tree - falling acorns will leave slight dimples in the roof it is that thin, also dont lean too heavy on the metal rear quarter light bit - that can also sink a little

I would ditch the sound deadening under the bonnet as it stays damp and tee bolts holding the scoop on start to rust

I also lifted the plastic cover to get access to the windscreen wiper motor and found a load of crud in there.

I would be interested in your opinion of teh brake feel - I felt they were quite wooden and whilst powerful did not give a great deal of feel


Keep us posted


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