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oil check timing

ludey dudey

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Hi, hoping you could clear up some oil related confusion please...

i have a 2005 wrx ppp & cant get a difinative answer as when to check my oil level. some say when cold before start some say at operation temp... my dip stick has low/full & a notch cut out about 1cm above full. im under the impression the notch is the hot line so when engine is warm it should be there & the full line (F) is for when its cold?

is anyone able to confirm if this is correct or if its done differently - cheers

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Like so.....
I'd go with that, I tend to just keep mine somewhere in the high half of the 'range'9a4d88a91c20b09c0d1d28731500f152.jpg

Loud pipes save lives

What confuses me is that the oil level is always about 1cm higher on one side of the dip than the other.

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