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Newbie + Turbo Question please :)


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Hi, 23 years old newbie. Attached pics of my first ever subaru bought yesterday :D Excited to navigate this site and learn new things :)

Just bought 2003 2.0T but dont know what turbo is in it could anybody tell me please? For now I'm assuming a TD04 15g? Someone said TD04 19T but I don't think it is? Completely new to Subarus though so I could be way off.





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Regular services indeed. Thank you :) Will have to shop around for subaru tuners if needs be. Scary thing trusting your baby with a stranger!

I've been told if not begged to keep it as is but I have at least 300bhp in sight and I just can't let go of the dream. I won't go mad, maybe just a remap, induction, better injectors, front mounted intercooler, 3" de cat downpipe, new calipers ect, coilovers ect.. Bit of experience under the belt too if nothing else :)

Thanks very much Matt

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