Dave Philp

clunking when turning at slow speed and whine that gets louder with speed

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Hi all, new to the forum and recently purchased our first Outback.  It's a 2005 2.5 petrol, manual, non turbo.

We have developed a quite severe knocking/clunking/trying to jump sideways feeling when turning at low speed, forwards or backwards, either direction.  It sort of feels like you're running either on a flat tyre or running over large cats eyes!  

The car also has a loud-ish whining noise that increases with speed.

I have serviced the vehicle and changed the front drive shafts as there was slight wear in the CV joints - this has made no difference.  The only play I can find in the transmission is a slight movement to the inner CV joints where they enter the gearbox and rear axle. 

Any suggestions would be gratefully received, scratching our heads here!!

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Loud-ish whining noise is likely to be wheel bearings. Trying to jump sideways could be many things including torque bind although I'm not sure this impacts manuals like it does autos. Are all the tyres the same make and wear? What do the ball joints look like?

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