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Subaru Model

Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys. Got a bit of a strange one. Recently bought my 2.0D 2010 Subaru Outback Manual, and after I've been driving the car for a while (about 2 or so hours) across the day, the car violently judders when I move off the line in first gear. Has anyone else had this problem? Eg. I can go on a long(ish) drive on the motorway, and the clutch and car will be fine when I leave. Once I pull into a town, I change nothing about my driving style, and the car starts shuddering. In my opinion Its a clutch issue, and I can more or less get around it if I slowly get the car rolling then quickly drop the clutch, but I hate doing it, and I'm looking to try and fix it. Either way this has got me beat! I bought this car not too long ago, and it can really get me down. Thanks guys!
  2. Suburu Imprezza WRX STI Type UK AWD Full service history Millage around 65k 2.5 petrol 300bhp Manual 6 speed gear box MOT until July 2020 62 plate Owned since July 2019 (reluctant sale) Imaculate body and paint work Small scuff passanger side alloy After market exhaust Grimspeed oil return hose plus additional aftermarket upgrades Side and front splitters Recaro seats (half leather) All internal systems spot on Clean inside (small wear to carpet near accelerator) Viewings welcome but no time wasters. Plate not included
  3. Hello - new to this forum - all looks good so far. Need some advice please: 2007 2.5 SE manual outback making a real werring noise from the back (my wife describes its as having a motor bike behind you the whole time). Starts in around 30mph the gets louder as you go faster and its slowly getting worse. So far I have tried: 1. Checking the centre bearing on the prop shaft: Turns freely - not that 2. Changing the passenger side rear wheel bearing (hub assembly) - where the it sounded like it was coming from if you sat in the back - not that. Now wondering if it is A. Other rear wheel bearing, B. one of the drive shaft joints (unlikely - all 4 CV rubber boots like fine) or C. The differential. Tempted just to swap out the diff. as a precaution BUT not sure if the many diffs from gen 3 outback diesels listed on Ebay are correct for this 2.5 SE manual.Is there a listing anywhere for diff. part numbers to model / year? Is there a fool proof way of sorting out a noisy differential form a failing wheel bearing ? Don't want to start a 'money pit' round of swapping out parts needlessly but do need to get this fixed. So any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. PS: Generally well impressed by the elegance of the design of these cars.
  4. Unfortunately a long commute is forcing me to sell my Fozzy. Bought at the end of last year to replace a company car from my previous job. She has a full service history up until October last year, so much in fact it has 2 service books. I've done an oil and filter change on it last month. Standard kit; Heated seats, Panoramic sunroof, cruise control, AC that works, 4 electric windows. Non Standard Kit; Prodrive exhaust, bug eye WRX suspension and Whiteline strut braces front and rear. The rear strut brace is quick release for loading capacity. wheels are non standard colour, It has roof bars too. its done 168,000 miles and hasn't missed a beat since i've owned it. Last MOT had no advisories and isn't due until November. It doesn't consume much oil so i think the previous owner had a bit of engine work done. There is a stack of paper work with it but to be honest I've never gone through it. condition is in the used category, it has dings scratches and flakey paint so don't expect concourse. I'd like £1500 for it and would prefer it goes to someone on here. Car is located near Bedford.
  5. Hello Everyone. Would anyone be able to offer some advise on the 2005 Forester XT? We're looking to buy and I'm just doing the usual research into reliability, common faults etc. It's a Petrol Manual with 109K on the clock. Are there any red flags I need to be aware of or any common faults I should check for? Given the mileage, is there anything I should consider doing regardless of its FSH? All help and advice much appreciated. Regards. JY
  6. Hello all, In a couple of weeks I will be picking up an imported 2001 Legacy B4 Twin Turbo with a stick shift. The car is in very good nick but I will of course be after immediately servicing the usual items, air & oil filters, motor oil, spark plugs, brake pads and a coolant flush as the reservoir tank looks a tad manky. Any advice you could offer on the purchasing of these parts would be greatly appreciated. Also I understand being a JDM car the engine is tuned for 100 Ron fuel, am I alright filling up with 99 Ron? The car will not be hammered. Cheers! Henry...
  7. Hi all, new to the forum and recently purchased our first Outback. It's a 2005 2.5 petrol, manual, non turbo. We have developed a quite severe knocking/clunking/trying to jump sideways feeling when turning at low speed, forwards or backwards, either direction. It sort of feels like you're running either on a flat tyre or running over large cats eyes! The car also has a loud-ish whining noise that increases with speed. I have serviced the vehicle and changed the front drive shafts as there was slight wear in the CV joints - this has made no difference. The only play I can find in the transmission is a slight movement to the inner CV joints where they enter the gearbox and rear axle. Any suggestions would be gratefully received, scratching our heads here!!
  8. For what it is worth I drive an old spec b Legacy that I found looking very sad down south a couple of years ago. It is amazing what a new front bumper, stainless steel exhaust, brake overhaul, some 'smart' bodywork and loads of tlc has done for it. Being an older car I don't get heavily stung for the road tax and insurance companies seem to view it very kindly too. Now it is nicely sorted and while it will never be pretty it, it is tremendous fun!!!
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