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All new suspension. 05 Blobeye Wagon, PPP.

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As a new member of this tribe, we're not up to speed with the best of the OM world.

Our stealthy wagon needs new suspension all round. 

The garage has recommended Pedders at £800 inc VAT.

Is there anything else we need to consider? The use for the car is purely family and fun. No track days or racing set-up. 

All thoughts and recommendations are welcome.

Many thanks.


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Hello fellow PPP wagon owner. 

If i were starting again, i would likely go with the Pedders! You can get them cheaper than that from Pedders themselves, and other subaru specific retailers that also offer forum discounts, so, shop around! However, that's the price of the set, not including installation and setup i presume? If that's for everything then chew their arms off! 

You should be thinking about possibly replacing the droplinks, as they are likely as worn as the rest!

I'm currently in the boat of considering ARB upgrades, and will likely be going with CDF racing solid droplinks at the same time as apparently the OEM subaru items are plastic and can flex a fair bit when under duress! 

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