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Tow Ball placement


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Hi, I have an XV 2016, got it just before Christmas and love it. I had the dealer fit a towbar, see pic. As you see the ball sits directly in line with the rear fog light, has anyone had any problems with this re MOT ?  Other than a detachable tow ball I can't see any other options.


DSC_0079 1.JPG

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We have a towbar on one and it is a detachable, I think I remember them saying it had to be detachable because of this reason. 

Section 1.3 of the MOT inspection manual, point 2C could cause an issue. although from your picture it does look like more than 50% of the light can be seen...

It does look like you can unbolt that one if you wanted to be sure before an MOT, but ideally i'd ask a friendly MOT man if he would fail it, and if so go back to the dealer and see if they will replace it for a detachable one.




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Is a p1ss poor design and accessory situation by subaru though .

with amount of subarus that have towing hardware you think they wouldn't of overlooked this !

If you wanted a hitch backplate you would be in trouble, plus lot of amateur towers going be buying a few fog lenses lol ...

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