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2005 WRX rear wheel bearing


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i have noticed my rear passenger side bearing is gone/going 🙄 what a nightmare!

i have been quoted everything from £80-£200 labour only by local garages, does this sound about right?

Im in the Edinburgh/Borders area, does anyone know of/work in a garage that can help me out?? Haha 

thanks :)

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get a koyo japan bearing kit and nothing else, koyo oem bearing supplier, they under £50 for rear bearing kit  (check rear axle type (probably R160) to get right bearing)

We only use koyo and have pretty much unheard of wheel bearing comebacks, cheaper stuff like optimal and even skf no way close the quality of koyo japan .

Can be fitted in an hour easily if have a hub bearing replacement tool kit as do it on car with less dismantling, the long hub bolt through the lateral links is only thing that can be trouble if rusted real bad
Worth giving that good dose of wd40 daily for 2 or 3 days prior to getting job done if looks crusty . even with bit of bother with this hub bolt you looking at 1.5hrs to 2hrs absolute max .

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