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dump valve


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A recirc is standard, thats what Subaru installed.

A dump valve alters the way the engine runs, it vents air to the atmosphere to sound cool (that's its only feature on street cars) when the ecu expects it to be there, so the ecu has to compensate, it cant without a remap fully plan for it. Some people complain saying it makes the engine miss fuel cycles, misfire, some love it and say it runs fine, some love the over fueling as it makes little back fires.

I had one for a few months, it sounded cool but i didn't like the way my engine ran in the long run.

I was able to get the same effect by running a pod filter and removing a resonator box that killed all the cool noises. But as far as im aware the resonator is only on old wrx's.

If you install one and try it you will find out, there are loads to try all with different noises and features. The GFB one is pretty cool, you can install it and turn it from recirc to full vent or somewhere inbetween.

If you like the sound but hate any problem that you may notice then get one mapped in, it costs a bit but you can also get some more power at the same time :)

Or just go on youtube and search dump valves  :thumbsup:

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If you have no intention of getting a remap, get a hybrid one. These are adjustable between full recirc or full atmos and anything inbetween. So you can vent some air to get the noise, and recirc enough to keep your engine happy.


I ran this one for a while before eventually getting  remap, had it mostly vent but a small amount recirc to prevent lumpy gear changes.

win win

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