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Drivers side rear vent window


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Hi lads

Any of you guys know where I can get a replacement rear vent window glass,drivers side as per pic?

Mines is shattered,wee hole at the bottom right through aswell......I heard a right clatter like a stone hitting the car somewhere a few weeks back but could not see anything on inspection,ive only been out in the car a couple of time since then as ive had an operation. The car has been washed a few times since the infamous clatter but after a 20mile drive today the window is like a big spiders web :-(

If its not from my incident a few back then it could be deliberate,kids with stones etc......

The cars booked in at AF Noble tomorrow so i'll ask them about replacement aswell.

xv glass.png

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Could try a breakers but I suspect it's bonded in so will be a pain to get out fishing line or similar, then 'saw' round it.


Opposed forces will probably list the part number, I'll have a look, scratch that as the website hasn't been updated to cater for the xv [emoji29]



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