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Rb5 wheels please help


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im new to the forum, but not new to Subaru’s. I have owned my rb5 for over 8 years now and many years ago changed the wheels over to after market ones.

having got rid of the originals I would love to have them back.

can anyone help. ???

i would gladly swap my wheels for them, and or buy a set if anyone would sell.



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Yeah theres 2 types of speedlines that were fitted to classics from the factory that look very similar. The speedlines above look like the ones fitted as a optional extra on my old v3 uk . They have straight double spokes and the et means they dont clear 4 pots .


the rb5 ones have double spokes with a slight v at the bottom and clear 4 pots no problem [emoji851]. Easy mistake to make though ......


I only realised that my old uk ones were different after i fitted 4 pots and the wheels didn't fit back on [emoji848]🤣[emoji23]



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