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Remapping ECU


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So I’ve been watching a lot of these YouTube clips with the WRX sti going head to head with Golf R, Honda R and of course the evo x and it’s lagging in bhp compared to them all. And then I read about how the stock ecu is pretty conservative but with a remap you can get the horses up from 305 to 350 ish. 

Thoughts on that?


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Hi @Sevi  and welcome.


I own a '14 sti and although the Scooby's a little short on the ponies produced by the cars you've mentioned, it's still the only true, uncompromising rally car on the road, and handles like it!


If you're gonna go down the serious mod route, there's peeps on here a hell of a lot more clued up than I am. If you're looking for simple easy gains then a couple of small changes and a map will do.  


Panel filter: Pipercross Pro R

(other brands are available 😊)

Exhaust: 3" Stainless Cat Back



At the mo I'm trying to get mine booked in with Andy Forrest for a remap (with licence), he's told me I'm looking at 330-340 with better low end torque, that's not massive but a good enough increase for the moderate outlay. 


Good luck with whatever you do. 


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