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  1. I've had 15mm Direnza hubcentric wheel spacers on for around 12 months now, haven't had any problems or felt any significant change in handling. My service and mot are due early Sept, I'll let you know if there's any issues or wear problems. She's been treated pretty roughly too! 😋
  2. Pixyflash

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Technically not done today, but booked some stuff... Couldn't find wheels I liked more than stock, so I'm having mine refurbished and powdercoated matte black. 26th/27th July. Then the following Fri I'm having her tinted, B pillar back. 3rd Aug. I'll take before and after pics and post. 😎
  3. Pixyflash

    Hello from Aberdeen

    Welcome. 😁 Nice Scooby there, they're a beast to drive aren't they?
  4. Pixyflash

    Chipex repair kit

    Looking good, seems the slowly does it approach is working. 👍
  5. Pixyflash

    Chipex repair kit

    Will be interested to see the results. Before and after pics, please. 😁
  6. Pixyflash

    Cobb Accessport

    Hmmm, wasn't aware of that, interesting. 🤔
  7. Pixyflash

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Threw some suds at her. 😁
  8. Pixyflash

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    https://youtu.be/wcwpR_zbolY 1:33
  9. Pixyflash

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    And you didn't, why? Just out of curiosity, I've been looking at the 2.0 Levorg sti, but they're still fetching around £23k in Japan, without import charges, and I'm not sure my better half wouldn't kill me if that turned up outside. 🤔
  10. Pixyflash


    Ditto! Looking forwards to seeing her home. 🖒
  11. Hi guys/galls, Looking to change my wheels quite soon but I'm having trouble choosing! 🤔 As she looks now. I'm gonna load some pics (numbered but not named) and I haven't yet chosen a make, so they're a guide only for now, I'd appreciate your feedback and comments. On my last Scooby, '09 WRX Hatch I went for the Wolfrace Asia-Tec in gunmetal. (#1) and they looked awesome. 😁 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, So far I'm leaning towards 4 & 1, love the jdm look. Thanks for looking! 👍
  12. You'll fit right in here then! 😁 Nice looking motor.
  13. Pixyflash

    330s project stealth

    Yup, still reading. 😁 And looking good, I really hate arch gaps!
  14. Pixyflash

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Took her over the 20k mark. 😁 Convinced the wife that a remap is totally necessary, otherwise the panel filter and exhaust were a waste of time... Contacted Andy Forrest about a remap. 😈
  15. Pixyflash

    Remapping ECU

    Hi @Sevi and welcome. I own a '14 sti and although the Scooby's a little short on the ponies produced by the cars you've mentioned, it's still the only true, uncompromising rally car on the road, and handles like it! If you're gonna go down the serious mod route, there's peeps on here a hell of a lot more clued up than I am. If you're looking for simple easy gains then a couple of small changes and a map will do. Panel filter: Pipercross Pro R (other brands are available 😊) Exhaust: 3" Stainless Cat Back (unbranded) At the mo I'm trying to get mine booked in with Andy Forrest for a remap (with licence), he's told me I'm looking at 330-340 with better low end torque, that's not massive but a good enough increase for the moderate outlay. Good luck with whatever you do.