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Starlink and IPhone


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Does anyone know of a workaround to get more out of the Starlink? like satnav or just better apps than those that come with.

I’m seeing that some Subaru’s have Apple play through starlink. Is this possible on on my 2017 wrx sti?


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Just purchased a 2017 BRZ and even the Scooby salesman was baffled by what was going on with Starlink & Mirrorlink

Starlink is pretty much a waste of space. I got 7 apps on my 7" touchscreen HU (No Nav) with the BRZ and there is no way (This is what HQ told the salesman) of adding any of your own apps.  Apps include News, Music, Weather,  Calender, Yelp, Deezer & some other app (there that good eh :angry:)

This US 7" touchscreen Starlink system has Mirrorlink shown but was not supported at the time of the Vid (2015)

Mirrorlink (enables mirroring of 'some' phone apps to the HU) was issued with 'SOME' vehicles after 2015 but the info is extremely vague as to which ones. The salesman told me my BRZ was Mirrorlink enabled but after trying to get it to work on the test drive we drew a blank. He stated he would find out as he was sure it was just him who couldn't get it to work

5 days after my purchase I received a call stating 'IF' my vehicle had Mirrorlink then it should show as an app within Starlink and would be 'greyed out' until paired with the phone

I am currently STILL waiting (10 days after purchase) to find out if Mirrorlink can be downloaded to my HU. They have already offered free services and a fuel offer for each trip in the event it doesn't so I dont hold up much hope!

What I have found since searching the tinterweb is that Mirrorlink was never a great platform and reported as having lots of bugs. Very few manufacturers were interested and without any backers their tech lagged behind other developments and I understand all 2018 registered BRZ's are to come with Android play.  Together with the fact that very few phones were compatible and backwards compatibility was never possible. Also some vehicles were built with Mirrorlink version 1.0 enabled whereas most Android phones that were compatible were enabled with Mirrorlink 1.1.  :bangin:


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