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Blobeye radiator/AC cooler setup


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please don’t completely take the pee out of me, I’m new to Subaru!

after changing my radiator today, I was looking around at the front end of the car and noticed a cooler type of thing in front of the radiator.

what is this?? I was thinking it was an oil cooler, but didn’t think it was. Is it an AC cooler? If so, are they a pain to change as mine was in a poor state.



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Not really clued up on the blobeye bit on the classics it is indeed the a/c rad, however you're ment to get a garage to safely empty the gas out of the system before you replace it as its illegal to just let the gas into the atmosphere and it leaves a green dye or whatever colour they put in the refrigerant gas all over the place 👍

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