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best backbox

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Hi All.

I've got a bugeye wrx with a prodrive backbox. I'm wanting something a little louder than that. Nothing that involves removing cats as I've had a full system but it were way to loud for commuting on the motorway. 
I've been told that Ninja backboxes aren't an improvement with the cats in place. Is this true? Any other recommendations would be cool.



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On 2/27/2018 at 5:35 PM, mattiekane said:

Define "improvement"

The way I see it, You won't get any performance gains from just a backbox.

I'm currently running a nur spec cat back and yes it's loud.

Loud pipes save lives

Noise level in this case. I know I won't see anything power wise but I just want to actually here the car when driving rather than me actually having to put my foot down to create any noise.

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