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New member seeking help and advice with a Forester

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Hi all, I found the group through a Google search looking for help and advice sorting problems trying to get my first Subaru, a Subaru Forester through an MOT. 

I bought the car as it seemed to tick all the boxes of what I was looking for in a car, and because it was cheap! Well £180 I thought was cheap!

So far all it needed for the MOT were minor fixes, bulbs, Wiper Blades and a binding caliper. Now I've come up against a bit of a problem. A fail on a brake pipe and advisor on the others going to the load compensator. I can't even see where they go! It looks like the petrol tank is going to have to come out as they disappear behind it. Is that right? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks. 

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You're right if you wnat to replace the lines then the tank needs to come out, I had a diagram somewhere showing the routing I'll see if I can find it.@MrB is your best bet for this in-depth tech question though

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