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Elusive Exhaust System for 2007 Subaru Impreza 2.0 Non Turbo


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Hello all. I'm most certain that this may be a topic that has been covered but I am hoping someone amongst you all would be able to point me in the right direction. Basically, long story short, I am trying to source a complete new standard exhaust for my 2007 Subaru Impreza 2.0 non turbo. I will also add it is the estate model. I have, as best to my knowledge, exhausted every avenue possible to try and find this elusive exhaust system without going to a dealership.

I am beginning to think the Holy Grail would be an easier object to find.

Hopefully all you more knowledgeable and experienced owners may have some pointers to help out.



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Hi. I have a complete exhaust for a 2000 turbo sat in the garage. I sourced the separate bits on eBay as they came along, manifolds, cats, the lot! The center resonator and back box were only a month old when they were removed to fit stainless ones.. They will be out there if you have time to look. A centre section and back box from Subaru is £800 plus vat. I nearly fell over when he told me! 

There’s a few 2007 estates at breakers yards on eBay, you could see if they have some good second hand sections? 

Good luck. 

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I had this problem, rare model, on our 2002 Outback H6, the centre silencer has a by pass valve fitted so when under serious power the centre box can go almost straight through, no aftermarket anywhere with this and a full OE system is getting on for a grand,  the car only cost £70 more than that to buy.

The answer for us was a day spent at MIJ exhausts Walsall, who fabricated a cat back system in stainless steel, all for £325 inc vat all fitted, you have a choice of tail pipes to suit your taste.

It was slightly louder than we would have wanted but not uncomfortable, this was mid-range fitment, they will fit a quieter more standard system or a much more sporty system depending on your preferences.

I have no affiliation with the company other than as a satisfied customer, and yes i would use them again, but you will be there for many hours so if this solution is of interest it would be  worth planning going shopping or to the cinema or something to while away a few hours, as it was we had the dogs with us so spent a warm but long day in the park about 1/4 mile away near the canal.

When i was getting quotes, most others were around twice this price, some three times, when i queried why so expensive they tried to say there would be no warranty or poor quality at that price, that could not be further from reality, the exhaust was of solid construction which showed no signs of deterioration over time and has a lifetime warranty anyway.


They also offer some exhaust pre made by mail order for DIY fitting, whether your car is pne such i do not know.

Alternatively maybe you have another exhaust specialist nearby who could make one up for you at a fair price...indeed if you are Yorkshire based then i understand West Yorks has one or two places such as MIJ who are realistic on charging.

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