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SG binnacles bulbs.


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I'm not a great contributor despite owning three Subarus, but i hope i can find the help i need which I thought would be simple, but apparently is not!

My ageing "All Weather X" resides in Greece so my access to it is limited throughout the year. Just recently binnacle illumination has been dying so bulbs are obviously needed, but having established there are two types used, nowhere can i find out what those are.

It seems there are two large types and some fifteen little-un's. I see T5 mentioned on the internet and green glowing LEDs appeal but I need to be sure T5 is correct and what the others are. If anyone knows for sure, please share 🙂

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Appreciate the replies, just last night I discovered they are indeed T10 & 5. My regular service agent pulled a complete T10 from and old binnacle for me and confirmed others are T5. 

Subaru UK actually emailed me back with a part number (85066GA100) and a price of some £3 odd plus VAT, for a single T10!!

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