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Outback suspension


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After 4 years ownership of a Range Rover Evoque I bought a new Subaru Outback SE Premium. This is my fourth Outback and my only criticism is the way that the front suspension seems to bottom out on uneven roads. 

I know that road conditions have deteriorated over the years but the way the car seems to crash into humps and bumps even on A roads is quite alarming.

Does anyone else experience this.

PS. I am not a fast driver just progressive!

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if it's brand new i'd refer back to the dealer to confirm there is nothing amiss..as a first step.

if it's specced with low profiles and bigger wheels then the ride is bound to suffer.

i don't think there are many on this forum that are likely to have your model but hopefully someone might be along to offer further advice.

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Just spotted this item

please let it have been due to oversight in pre delivery inspection when someone forgot to remove the suspension travel restrictors that were installed for transport from the factory?

it is not unusual apparently!

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