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Looking to buy an XV


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Firstly a big Hello to all Members on Subaru Forums. Just joined  to ask a few questions regarding my possible purchase of Subaru XV in around 7 Months time , plus need the time to get the Missus fully on board!

Our present vehicle is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta  1.4 Petrol Auto so almost as rare as seeing a Subaru on the road! We both Love the Car and it is our third one , and yes they have all been reliable . Don't do a lot of mileage say around 6000 a year bought new and will be 4 years old in October this year. Don't fancy the new Giulia/ Stelvio too big ; too expensive .

I have been hankering after an XV for some time  only ever seen  one on the road and that was a long time ago . Used to have a Suzuki Vitara a few years ago and Loved it's go anywhere ability, One Winter following some heavy Snow went out to have a play and it and it took everything i threw at it  still miss it to this day but don't miss the poor MPG. 

The XV has everything i am looking for ; unique , rugged,  reliable and go anywhere ; [ bit like the Missus ! hope she doesn't read this] anyway i have a dealer quite close to me so thinking of getting a closer look , what questions should i ask , is reliability an issue? i note the 5 yr g/t but sure i read somewhere it only covers certain items after 3 yrs is that correct?  Price wise it is a little expensive at 25 thow' but when you look at the kit it has it looks like a good deal. I had been looking at Hyundai Kona [ similar style] but wouldn't want to spend that amount on one of them , i think the Subaru is a much better vehicle.

How is the space for the driver ? i am 6'4 and always struggle in any Car , would you buy another XV or other Subaru , size wise it is ideal for both of us Love the raised height / safety / looks / fit and finish and not many of them about , the other thing is servicing is it expensive? we would be looking at keeping for five years .

Sorry for all the question but i like to do as much research as possible on any new Vehicle , it was a leap of faith getting the Alfa as many people said keep away but all 3 of them have been superb and if a new Giulietta model was due out i would definitely consider it , unfortunately nothing is on the horizon and i think i want a change. Many thanks. 

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Bit late in replying but 

Q: i note the 5 yr g/t but sure i read somewhere it only covers certain items after 3 yrs is that correct?
A: Yes, 3 years is everything and 5 years is the mechanics of the vehicle - so the last two years, it does not cover Speakers, seats etc. (read fine print, as some manufactures did not cover driveshaft after a certain mileage)

Q: How is the space for the driver ? i am 6'4 and always struggle in any Car
A: I'm 6'1 and about 23 stone, the XV was the only SUV, that allowed me to enter and exit the car with ease.  Most of the cars I tested, my thigh would touch the steering and seat at the same time (steering wheel was at the highest and seat at the lowest)

Q: Price
A: For me, I wanted S-AWD drive (as love driving out in bad weather) and had to have Android Auto.  I had a Audi TT with AWD and was terrible in the snow, as it was not true AWD.  It would switch power between front and rear wheels, this is fine in a straight line but going round corners, the back would spin out when power was sent to rear wheels (to much power just sent to rear wheels).  So, to have S-AWD and Android Auto, it would have cost me an extra £8-10k to get these features in another car; plus at the time of purchase, Subaru had one of the highest child safety ratings. 

Lad at work love the ride height of my XV but does not like driving out in bad weather, so AWD was not a option for him, so he went with the Kia Stonic and Kia has good warranty.

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And ?

So.Can ask 'Guest' how the search for the car of your dreams is going. ? I mean the Subaru XV, of course.

Took delivery of mine and unloaded it off the carrier 3 Friday's ago. Oh Wow ! and Wow, Oh and Wow again.

Welcome to the Subaru, dare I say, Club !?

I absolutely love my XV 2.0i S - ES (In our language that's the high spec, what ever they call it where you are.)

Please do let us know. and I'm sneakily confident to say 'welcome to the Subaru 'brotherhood'. 

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