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  1. Installing a dashcam is fine, I got mine far left on the windscreen. I not done the fuse thing; unless the dashcam has got a voltage reader (seen these for about £200-300), so it will switch off, if car battery getting to low while engine not on.
  2. Price shown with VAT. Straight forward to install, hardest bit was lifting plastic out to get to holes. You will need a small spanner for back ones tho. I am sure there a youtube for install.
  3. Bit late in replying but Q: i note the 5 yr g/t but sure i read somewhere it only covers certain items after 3 yrs is that correct? A: Yes, 3 years is everything and 5 years is the mechanics of the vehicle - so the last two years, it does not cover Speakers, seats etc. (read fine print, as some manufactures did not cover driveshaft after a certain mileage) Q: How is the space for the driver ? i am 6'4 and always struggle in any Car A: I'm 6'1 and about 23 stone, the XV was the only SUV, that allowed me to enter and exit the car with ease. Most of the cars I tested, my thigh would touch the steering and seat at the same time (steering wheel was at the highest and seat at the lowest) Q: Price A: For me, I wanted S-AWD drive (as love driving out in bad weather) and had to have Android Auto. I had a Audi TT with AWD and was terrible in the snow, as it was not true AWD. It would switch power between front and rear wheels, this is fine in a straight line but going round corners, the back would spin out when power was sent to rear wheels (to much power just sent to rear wheels). So, to have S-AWD and Android Auto, it would have cost me an extra £8-10k to get these features in another car; plus at the time of purchase, Subaru had one of the highest child safety ratings. Lad at work love the ride height of my XV but does not like driving out in bad weather, so AWD was not a option for him, so he went with the Kia Stonic and Kia has good warranty.
  4. I hate how my XV sun visor, as it will not block the sun fully, when used on the side door (as my visor did come with the extender built inside), so I bought this and it works! (So thought I share 😘)
  5. I got mine from here: Front ones do stop the odd stone from hitting your door. See price has gone up.😶 (this is what I paid for mine)
  6. Glad to here you got the updates but that one of the reason why I did get the top trim model, as did not want built in navigation with having Android Auto (mainly waze, as they do update roads way faster than anyone).
  7. All are chain except for WRX (far as I know) How did your test drive go?
  8. I presume this has the newer Eyesight vs 2018 - seen only a few YouTube videos from the states showing how its better. Good example was lane assist; instead of going side to side between the white lines, it just stayed in the middle. Top trim package; i think, had road sign speed reading as well. Everyone said the acceleration was way better but mpg was less due to the extra weight. I got my 2018 XV model in February 2018 - still love it and like newer model with 10-12inch media screen (like the Tesla).
  9. I wish there was a Europe or Japan (since UK models are made there) site for these issue/recall notices.
  10. Hi Just found out about this app, that can monitor CVT temp etc. so thought I share it with you all. 🙂
  11. Yea, see how it goes net winter; if we have one.
  12. Hi For the first time, last week when it was about -3c, I could not open by boot. (Not the coldest it been out in either) The press button for the boot, felt frozen solid and after a few hours of driving, it loosen up but it still would not make that sound to say latch unlock. So I popped into my Subaru dealer (boot switch was now working) and had a quick word with a mechanic - solution, pour warm water over handle above latch to loosen electric switch up. Since Subaru XV 2018 models have no other way of releasing the boot; not via key fob and there no boot release handle inside either, this is big concern if that button breaks!
  13. Nice. When I purchased my XV, the only accessories they had at the time where for the Impreza & XV. Would have liked to got parking sensors as part of the deal, as rear camera get covered in dirt quite easily. Love the tyres 😊
  14. Can't believe Subaru wanted £60 to remove a few plugs and screw in a few bolts! Took about 30 minutes to do all four. NB: need to get car washed!!!
  15. 😁 thought it might be best to start a new thread for tyres
  16. I bought my Michelin crossclimate tyres from here.
  17. They do have the mountain snow flake and I need to wash my rims/car. 😁
  18. Why Subaru have done there own version, I have no idea (or maybe to force customer into purchasing their own OEM versions)
  19. Here the only place I could get them cheap(Approximately £9.17); without going OEM which is about £35:
  20. There also a notch on both sides - still searching 🙂