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  1. Hi Just found out about this app, that can monitor CVT temp etc. so thought I share it with you all. 🙂
  2. Yea, see how it goes net winter; if we have one.
  3. Hi For the first time, last week when it was about -3c, I could not open by boot. (Not the coldest it been out in either) The press button for the boot, felt frozen solid and after a few hours of driving, it loosen up but it still would not make that sound to say latch unlock. So I popped into my Subaru dealer (boot switch was now working) and had a quick word with a mechanic - solution, pour warm water over handle above latch to loosen electric switch up. Since Subaru XV 2018 models have no other way of releasing the boot; not via key fob and there no boot release handle inside either, this is big concern if that button breaks!
  4. Nice. When I purchased my XV, the only accessories they had at the time where for the Impreza & XV. Would have liked to got parking sensors as part of the deal, as rear camera get covered in dirt quite easily. Love the tyres 😊
  5. Can't believe Subaru wanted £60 to remove a few plugs and screw in a few bolts! Took about 30 minutes to do all four. NB: need to get car washed!!!
  6. 😁 thought it might be best to start a new thread for tyres
  7. I bought my Michelin crossclimate tyres from here.
  8. They do have the mountain snow flake and I need to wash my rims/car. 😁
  9. Why Subaru have done there own version, I have no idea (or maybe to force customer into purchasing their own OEM versions)
  10. Here the only place I could get them cheap(Approximately £9.17); without going OEM which is about £35:
  11. There also a notch on both sides - still searching 🙂
  12. This is the closet I can get to my fitting:
  13. Its the slim-top I am after:
  14. GGMan

    Goodbye XV

    Had mine since February and still love taking it out just got a ride. For S-AWD drive and features, no other manufacturers come close!
  15. Unfortunately they are the wrong fitting, they are the hook type.
  16. Thanks 🙂 Looking forward to driving it this winter (if we have one).
  17. Hi Dose anyone know where I get wipers for the Subaru 2018 XV? I have bought these 'Genuine BOSCH 3397006838 AP26U AEROTWIN Windscreen Flat Wiper Blade' but all the fittings do not fit mine. 😞 I have also tried, no go. I attached a photo, showing the XV fitting marked in red and the other picture with the green tick, is wipers from the USA with correct fitting. Thanks Gary
  18. I have test driven the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and the the new 2018 XV, deposit down for the Subaru XV. Price is cheap compared to other AWD brands (except Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross), as you have to customize their SUV engines to make it AWD/4x4 and the price goes into £30k. I don't tow, so engine power fine for me, as its nippy offline (does not compete to my current car, Audi TT 3.2 ;). 5 year warranty on powertrain, as most other manufactures only offered 3 years when you read fine print. XV (aka Crosstrek) been out in the States & Canada for a while now and going off their forum, they sold out in Canada (as theirs come with full size spare wheel and winter pack (heated steering wheel, remote engine start etc) and it has been well received. Only complaint so far, about the entertainment system freezing or going slow. A lot of issue with Car Play/Android Auto etc, was all caused by cheap USB cables. Looking forward to getting mine next month.
  19. Every vehicle (excluding WRX STI) marketed by Subaru (UK) Ltd is covered by a 5 Year / 100,000 mile (whichever is sooner) Limited Warranty.