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ECU Repair


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Hi there, I have a problem with the ECU on my 2006 outback. Two different ECU specialists companies have told me they cannot help with this type of ECU, does anyone know of someone who may be able to help ?

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Hi there, thanks for the reply. It started with misfiring - changed plugs, then leads and finally coils ( which were found to be cracked one side ). new coil started getting very hot one side. Checked signal from ECU which was not getting through one side. Fault codes confrimed misfire. Checked connections from ECU 3 times and decided the unit itself must be at fault.I have purchased a second hand unit but was trying to avoid hassle of recoding.

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Is it definitely not a fault in the harness , have you done a ohm check on just the loom to make sure ? 

I only say this as Subaru ecu's don't often go wrong ,although the short on the coilpack circuit could've well cause a ecu's issue .

Could try Tim @  "JTINOVATIONS"  as they have just made me a custom engine loom and might either be able to help or know someone who can .

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It's many years since i used them, and in both cases it was Mercedes ECU problems, well known for wiring loom/coil issues shorting back and blowing the ecu, keep in mind that these MB ecus were around £1500 from the dealer at the time, dread to think what a new one would cost now, programmed to individual vehicle so used not an option with the immobiliser/unlocking system fitted to my model.

I used http://www.avilec.co.uk/about/

based on the isle of wight, not especially cheap but the repair was sound

The second ecu failure, another car different issue, i thought i could save some money by using a different repairer (do not repeat my mistake, i won't), so sent the ecu off, came back no fault found, still faulty, sent it off to another repairer who could talk the talk, he informed me the unit was scrap so should he just bin it for me to save the return postage...yes my dirty dealing antenna sprang up (the parts in these ecus are both rare valuable) so of course i had it back, and once again sent it off to Avilec, who returned it repaired no problem and it's still doing sterling service on my 23 year old MB.

Not saying they can help you necessarily but if they can do it the job will be right.

What i discovered being a cheapskate is that a fancy website (which the other two jokers had) means diddly, and you'd think at my age i would have learned that good quality work just isn't cheap, well i did know this but obviously needed a reminder.

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