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Found 18 results

  1. I have a 1999 Impreza. I am in search of an ECU for it. I have checked several parts sites on line without success. Does anyone know where I might source such.
  2. Morning ladies and gents, I’m trying to get my car a stage 1 remap but no one seems to be able to communicate with my ecu with their laptops and software. Any body have an idea of why this would be? Any advice would be great. car is a Subaru Impreza 2.0i sports wagon 2007.
  3. Hi there, I have a problem with the ECU on my 2006 outback. Two different ECU specialists companies have told me they cannot help with this type of ECU, does anyone know of someone who may be able to help ?
  4. Hi all, hope you are well. I've recently brought scooby and after having it for 4 months i've decided to finally put some upgrades on. I found a peice of software called FreeSSM which once plugged in will show all values from your ECU and sensors etc. I'm not looking at tweaking but rather see if anything is not right. Question is does anyone use another other software which may be better or more usefull for me? Also i was wondering if my GDA is OBD or OBD II. Is there any difference etc? Regards Brian P.S Heres a link to a another question of mine 🙂
  5. Hi guys, this my first post so apologies if this ends up falling into a category elsewhere on the site.. Anyway with that said, let’s jump straight in.. So I’ll give you a bit of background on myself first. I’m a true sports car enthusiast. I’ve had too many to list and I say that in the humblest way possible. No I’m not rich, I’m far from it. Just have a passion for sports cars and I guess spend money on them when others wouldn’t 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️😂.. Anyway, back to the point. So, around 2013 I got my hands on my first Subaru Impreza WRX. It was an 2002 “bugeye” in WRC blue. Running “280BHP” a
  6. Hi all Looking at getting a Fozzy STI imported. Can anyone tell me if I can get it re-mapped with AL/LC? Or is it a new ECU? Jody
  7. ECU pinout diagram needed - SF5 - 5W 22611 AD422 A18-000 DQ1 In particular I'm interested in the cable which goes from the ECU to the gearbox TCM. Thank you. Paul
  8. Simtek ECU - for a newage £330 plus £15 delivery. No anti lag No launch control
  9. Took my car to Zi Motorsport in Wrexham yesterday for a power run on a rolling road but of course, there was an issue. The car was only producing 329bhp which is low considering it's a 330s and it has a few minor mods. More surprisingly the torque was only 270 as the mapper said the ECU was deliberately holding the power back because of the engine? The timing is pulled out at 5000RPM or over and I have been advised not to drive it harsh. The car is running a bit lean 83-85 at peak power. The mapper said it is a possible problem with the engine but I personally think this is unlikely as it
  10. Anyone confirm this? I know it's a bit dated hence why I ask...makes me want to lean towards OpenSource...
  11. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if I grab a USDM ECU for a hawk STi and throw it on a UK spec STi will it work and run the higher settings? USDM is tuned to 300hp and 300lbs tq. Compared to UK 285/280 (or whatever it is). Just curious as to if it's possible to get cheap and easy power (like maybe flash the ECU to be a US spec instead of a UK spec. This also coincides with Cobb Acessport question I posted elsewhere. Instead of getting a proper map tuned in, grab a accessport and then throw a Cobb map on)
  12. So as my mapper messed up the car first time round to restore my faith in him i was offered free launch control and anti lag fitted to my classic using the simtek ecu. Got it sorted today but would just like a little more information on them. I plan on rarely using them but its a nice feature to have i think as they are both activated by separate switches. I understand LC wears gearbox+clutch out but the anti lag is that even worth using on a road car? or is it purely if you want the pops and bangs. I haven't used either of them yet just checking out the sort of wear and strain it would p
  13. Hello, I'm looking for the pinouts of the Denso 22611AE880 F2 ECU. Can someone please help? The car is a 1999 forester, the VIN is JF1SF5KJ4XG019013. Thank you very much, regards, Ico
  14. Hi! My wife had a smal accident with my WRX. So I decided do what was thinking to do along time ago :) ... Upgrade! (Syvecs, forged, md turbo, coilover, ..) Now I am selling some parts that I don't need. Parts are very good. Car is 75miles. No corrosion. The main parts are: - Gearbox and diff - Kn intake and air mass flow (typhoon moldel) - ECU (ecutek unlocked) - Intercooler - TMIC (undertray) - front suspension - some rear suspension parts avaible - fuel pump - sti 2.5 crankshaft - Some OEM internals (pistons, rods, valves...)
  15. My 2007 R spec b 3.0L Legacy sometimes won't start. The engine warning light and ABS light come on and the cruise control light flashes. The only way to start the car seems to be to rock it from side to side and switch the ignition on and off several times. After sometimes 5 minutes, but more often than not 30, I can get the car to go. The car sticks in sport mode and the cruise control won't work under these conditions. This happens sporadically and my Subaru dealer is at a loss to know what is causing it. Sometimes, months will go by with no problem then it'll happen several times in a row.
  16. From the picture attatached can anyone tell me if this ecu has a daughter board ?
  17. Hi , Going to pick up a 2009 Impreza 330s and know of some of the engine issues that some had . Ringland failier etc and wondered weather it would be worth getting it mapped or at least checked? If so where would you recommend? Located near Gatwick but willing to travel. Thanks Chris
  18. hi all have just brought my first 2003 impreza turbo driving home about 90 miles fine no probs went out this morning on a nice day to warm up took it for a spin ecu came on went straight home to warm down left for a while ecu still car sounds not like it did very low revs????????????????? pls help............. thanks nick
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