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Red WRX-S Hatch


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Morning All


Went and purchased a 2010 WRX-S Hatch this passed weekend. Has a mere 35k miles on her so still fresh. Mechanically seems to be in pretty good nick.


Previous owner ended up rubbing the rims a bit so some curb rash that needs to be fixed but other than that I'm a happy chap.


Not really sure whats been done to the car so if anyone knows the history I would appreciate it. From what I can see:


- Cobra Exhaust

- Larger IC


- Software (guessing here)

- Lowering springs


I am going to send the car in this week to fix the wheels, next week it will get a service then if money allows upgrade the sound system.







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Hi mate ,, u should probably start saving so u can forge the engine lol., think hatches are are meant to  be bad for ringland failure ,, looks smart though,, I was gonna buy a 330s hatch but the whole ringland thing put me off 

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Hahahaha, I will forge the engine even if I don't have too. 

Been a lover of fast cars for a long time, had all the ST models from the 170 up. Had a couple VXR's and an S4 B8.


All of them have been built, so this will follow suit shortly. I don't even know if it has been built though, I have the previous owners names but don't really want to put them up on a public forum. Whats the best way to scope it out? Have a tuner pull it apart?



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If u have there names then get them on Facebook and ask them about the car, can’t do any harm ,, if your getting it serviced at a tuning shop they’ll prob have a gd idea what’s been done,, I think most folk map hatch’s straight away Cos seemingly can get the map help to prevent ringland,  am no car expert though lol I just drive mine fast and take it to motorsport shop when it needs summing lol 

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