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  1. Mad wax valeting I think he’s called, based in Leslie but he’s mobile valet,, aye get your car sorted and on road and get out for a blast, am looking forward to all the things getting done to mine in next few days 😃
  2. Aye al post pics on Sunday ,, was 130 quid, inside valet . Outside washed, wheels deep cleaned , clay bar then si02 paint protector applied,, guy looks good at his job, was booked up two month in advance, I done my research and he seems the best I could find,, car going in for tires etc thu, then for a service on Friday Cos I never knew am meant to change oil every 3.5k miles lol mines no been changed for 6 k 😱
  3. The wheels look ok in pics, whatever u do don’t get white wheels lol look mint when there clean but getting them clean is a fecking nightmare ,, I can’t wait till Sunday , my car getting valet and detailing done to it, clay bar n paint protector applied etc , should be smart when it’s done
  4. Looking mint 👍 I know where to come if I need new tints eh 😂
  5. No sure aboot Subaru breakers ,, av been out for few hours in scooby, love ripping it about when it’s sunny lol how much is your tax ?
  6. Aye would o went for a blast
  7. U been out in scooby yet Simon ? Did u get insurance etc and when and where u getting your mods fitted once they all arrive
  8. U been out in scooby yet Simon ? Did u get insurance etc and when and where u getting your mods fitted once they all arrive
  9. Hi there , ad say any oat coolant really, I just top mine up with stuff from Halfords
  10. Nice motors 👍 think it means it’s an automatic rosscom
  11. Should get front n back strut bars tae
  12. Between her insurance and ma new tyres n brake discs am getting next week ma savings are dwindling lol
  13. 1600 for ma daughter on a 1 litre but 1300 if I pay it at once so am just gonna do that,, looks like no holiday for me this year 😭 Thailand will have to wait 😂😂
  14. lol ma wee boy only 20 months , he’d only want to climb the scoobys , no look at them 😂 got a 17 yr old daughter too that’ll have her own car soon ,, muggins here has to pay for insurance lol
  15. Might go to japfest too 👍 I have ma wee boy either fri or sat every weekend ,, defo should get a meet and a run together though
  16. Am defo up for it , long As it’s no a night av got ma wee boy then am defo game like
  17. Am no on Facebook either lol but I check that flat out Scotland now and again to see meets etc
  18. There’s a car meet on the morra in Livingston ,, not a scooby meet, just cars in general lol flat out Scotland I think it’s called on Facebook etc, never been to one so can’t say if any good,, we should get a few of us in our scooby and go to one sometime lol a few of us Scottish members where talking about possibly going on a run sometime
  19. My dump valve is hks but think there pretty expensive, sounds awesome though
  20. Am from Kirkcaldy mate,, blitz r nur spec is exhaust u should get lol loud as !Removed! 😂 and get it decat lol
  21. 5 by 30 seems bit thin,, I use 10 by 40 millers motor sport oil , but guy at rs motor sport where I get service done said ad be better with a thicker oil, can’t remember what ratio he said though
  22. Hi mate n welcome,, there’s plenty places that will do a friendly mot if u decat your motor,, mines is decatted and gets mot’d ,, where in fife u from
  23. Ended going with falken., 4 new tires rear discs n pads too 570 quid 😱
  24. Time has come that needing 4 new tyres for my blob sti, what do anyone suggest ? Currently got uniroyal rain sport 2’s fitted abs they I thought there quite good,, don’t know wether to put them on agAin or has anyone got any better ideas ? Possibly thinking Toyo proxy’s but not sure, been looking at tyres and there’s that many to choose from it’s frying my nut 🤯
  25. lol am in Scotland fife or would have done it