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  1. Av no cats so don’t worry about emissions lol it’s only 60 pound to get done and seen a lot of good reviews but am still not convinced lol
  2. Hey folks has anyone ever had there engine carbon cleaned ? Thinking bout getting my blob sti done,, any thoughts ??
  3. I see u chose a pic that hides the spoiler on it Simon 😂 NAh defo looks minted motor like 👍
  4. Ma money on the black one lol
  5. It’s Cos it starts at 9 am ,, aye 8am bit early for me tae 😂 al check wi ma mates that are meant to be going too,, got a feeling they might drop out lol time u thinking like ?
  6. I know that clan japan are meeting at kfc Dunfermline retail park at 8 am
  7. Bound to more folk going ??
  8. Get some pics put up once u fit it all., hope the weathers gonna be like this next Sunday anyway 🤞
  9. Quality,, when u fitting them ? And I used to blast through that Clyde tunnel in type r 😂
  10. Think you’ll get that easy,, u could get even higher I got told but said it would be little less reliable,, feck knows,, I just know am thinking bout bigger turbo etc and getting to 450 😂 last time I was at r.a motorsport I got a price of 9800 to take it up to 800 bhp 😂
  11. Mines backfires too,, only now and again though,, was going through a wee tunnel where I stay the other day and it banged in perfect time under it and nearly gave a bunch o folk heart attack that where walking under tunnle 😂
  12. Ayee lol loud as feck 😂 can literally hear ma car for miles when I open it up lol
  13. That’s what av got on it,, I thought Forrest had stopped mapping,, he’s the man meant to be,, is yours standard the now like ? Mine can be mapped bit higher if I wanted but they said it’s at a safe bhp ,, what mods u got ?
  14. That’s carbon one ,, wish my diffuser was carbon too now lol
  15. 330 bhp ,, could be doing with a bit more to be honest lol., fuel pump, boost solenoid and de cat
  16. I pulled into the coop and split my old one off the kerb,, my carbon fibre one seems to sit a little higher so it’s no so bad., much did u pay for splitter ? Carbon one was 240 from scooby world or works I think
  17. White ep3’s are about 8 grand lol !Removed! that,,,aye al defo meet up with you 👍night get a few more in the thread before banzai
  18. Aww ma civic was a black premier edition so no be that one lol aye that would be a good place to meet and get couple pics,, we can edit the Astra and civic out later 😂
  19. I put a carbon fibre splitter on Cos kerbed n broke my last one 😡 and av got diffuser on too..looks smart 👍
  20. Aye they make it look way better in my opinion but don’t get 4 lol seen some scoobys with 4 o them in the wing and looks too much for me
  21. I sold my ep3 to some one over your way , be funny if was my old car 😂 am fife so just over other side o brig,, if my mate comes he’ll prob be in his bertone 😂 we all need to wait for him lol
  22. What kind o type r ? I loved my ep3 lol great wee car, need to see if ma mates going yet but aye ad Meet on the way n convoy up etc
  23. Aye am thinking Bout going 👍
  24. Av to pick ma mate up from Dunfermline at 12,, al keep an eye for youz in the passing , youz still leaving brig about half 11,, am away out for a blast the now 👍
  25. Welcome mate ,, wr1 are smart like 👍 dont see many of them about up my way , look forward to your pics 😍