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MOT, can you still get away with almost anything? :P


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Hi guys!

I was thinking about coming back to UK (since one of the biggest drawbacks here in Switzerland was that you couldnt modify much the car, well, you could but it was EXTREMELY expensive...) and I was wondering how though were the controls in the MOT nowadays? 5 years ago when I did my last one I had an HKS Hi-Power Exhaust and some other things on the scooby and it only failed because of the honk now working... is it still like that nowadays? :D


Thanks in advance! :D

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It varies from place to place on how strict they are, if I can't get in my usual place then fitting an exhaust bung is usually enough to keep them happy, as for other mods, most places are fine as long as they ain't dangerous

Loud pipes save lives

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