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Why does my 07 WRX needs a 02>06 STI driveshaft?

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Hi thanks for reading.

As the title says why does my 07 WRX needs a 02>06 STI driveshaft?

As a recent owner of a 07 Hawkeye, when I brought the car it came with 12 month MOT with one advisory, drivers front CV boot badly deteriorated. Doing the responsible thing I set about getting it fixed, turned the original boot is twisted stuck and can't be removed, so needs a new shaft. I ordered the part using my car reg, only to find this didn't fit, mines needs a ABS ring, which it didn't have, so figured be best to take my tablet and let the mechanic see which was the right one and it turns out I need a Blob/Bugeye STI driveshaft.

Has anyone every heard of anything like this?

As I mentioned I'm new to scooby's but the guy said that he's seen it before with Impreza's, that parts can be a bit pick 'n' mix and are mostly (except this time of course) interchangeable, example was he'd seen a Hawkeye driveshaft on a Blob. I suppose my real issue is, it was sold as standard and if it's not, ignorance is no defense with the insurance.

Thanks in advance for any advice, it's very much appreciated

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Could've had a hub /driveshaft replacement by a previous owner or if it's a import ?

As they tend to fit different parts on the same year /model pending on which market they're made for .

Classics have at least 3 different types of hub and shafts , pending on model ,year and whether they're UK spec or jdm.

Normally a visual check of whether they're Male or female inner c.v ,abs "pick up" and a count of the amount of splines on the outer c.v will let you know what type you need .

If you're still struggling to find the right one , take a note of the above and give Luke a ring at import car parts to find the correct replacement 😉

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Thanks for the response, I think you were right straight away, most likely had hub and drive shaft replaced. I'm guessing it was changed by someone who knew their stuff though, they've swapped the hub from Hawkeye to Blob/Bug changing the ABS pick up but must have known that the other end of the shaft had a female connection and that the STI version drive shaft would work perfectly with that setup. In a attempt to save cash?

A follow up question would both sides have been done at the same time? If they aren't does that need looking into?

Again any reply greatly appreciated 

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