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Subaru Impreza 1995 import

Brucey 95wrx

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Having issues with my temperature gauge it is reading red before I even start the car 

it has had new water pump and genuine thermostat everything was fine for a couple of months after this 

I then parked the car up for 3 weeks 

got in it and started it and the gauge went straight to red I have now changed both coolant sensors on the crossover pipe 

any help would be really appreciated  

thank you 


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The sensor with the single wire plug is for the dash the one with a multi wire plug is for the ECU. 

You could try unplugging the single wire dash sensor and see if the gauge still reads max .this might indicate a fault with wiring or dash connector if it still rises straight away 😉

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If your sure the sensor is ok there's only the engine loom ,harness and clocks left to check .

Maybe try checking the multi plug (by the battery) and the dash plug is plugged in and making good contact , same with the engine loom earths. 

You could try tracing the wire from the sensor plug to the multi plug near the Battery .

Test this for a break in, with a multimeter , then do the same from multi plug to the back of the dash .

Not sure how to test the clock gauge other than test fitting another set of clocks .

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