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Coil packs?


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Hi all,

After some help, I own a 99 Forester stb which I’m currently stripping the engine out of and I have just got some JDM single AVCS cylinder heads.

Now my current engine has a coil pack on the Inlet manifold but my new cylinder heads take the coil pack on plug set up! So can I convert to coil on plug? If so how do I go about it or is there a conversion kit I can buy.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I have converted my 94 sti from classic coilpacks to newage coilpacks and that involved by passing the "igniter "

I'm unsure if newage coilpacks use a "igniter" ,as they generate the high amp current directly on top of the spark plugs but if they do I'd imagine you'd have to wire in a igniter and buy a newage engine loom to get them working. 


I'm not sure if your standard ECU will operate coilpacks and almost definitely won't be able to make the avcs work , unfortunately. If you have a aftermarket ECU like syvecs ,simtek or link , you can buy loom patch or add ons to get things working. 

Tim at jtinnovations makes bespoke subaru looms and add ons (like avcs patch and newage coilpack conversion leads ) . So he might be worth a email or message on his f.b page 😉

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No probs, 

Just thought I'd add , I'm Fairly sure the ht leads from your existing single coilpack will work on the single avcs heads . I'm not 100% sure but would imagine you could check by seeing if a ht lead would fit onto the spark plug ,with it fitted into the avcs head and the cam cover fitted .

I just assumed you wanted to convert to the stronger spark created by the newage "coilpack on plug" system .

Although the upgrade isn't needed for v3 (phase 1.5) onwards until higher hp and boost levels start to blow the spark out (probably over 450hp) .

Either way tim is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to Subaru electronics. 

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