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  1. It’s git a blitz air induction cone and as far as I’m aware it’s not been mapped or tuned in any way? If bores are scored what’s the most cost effective solution, re honing or new engine?
  2. Hi, spark plugs have the same part number.
  3. Hi Tidgy, Looking to do that next and then go from there. just thought I’d add a couple of pics which show what the spark plugs that I removed look like. cheers
  4. Hi Savage Bulldogs, Thanks for replying. Mine is an ej205, when I removed the spark plugs they were all a little wet and on two of them the electrodes were half the size? car has been running a little rich I think as the smell of fuel has become more apparent recently. So possible rings? Cheers Wayne
  5. Hi all, Was hoping for some advice/ help, I’ve recently carried out a compression test on my 1999 Subaru Forester stb and was a little concerned about one the readings, can anyone shed some light or is it nothing to worry about. Readings: Cyl 1@155 (concerned reading, is it to low compared to others?) Cyl 2@168 Cyl 3@160 Cyl 4@165 any advice/help given will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi, I ended up welding section in it👍 Thanks for the help
  7. Hi, Does anyone out there know the part no. for all 4 complete driveshafts as mine are covered in rust and I can’t find any part no’s at all!! And without them I’m struggling to find replacements. My Foz is a 1999 v Reg if that’s any help. Any help/ Advice will be welcome. Thanks Wayne
  8. Hi, CAN ANYBODY HELP! Im trying to find a 3” catpipe 200cpi to fit my Forester s/Tb but I’m really struggling to find one, I was told that a 2000 Impreza wrx sports cat would fit but it’s 6” to short. Has anyone had the same issue, if so what’s the solution. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks Wayne
  9. Hi, Wondering if anyone could give me some help. I need a Cat Pipe section for my 99 Foz stb but can’t find anything, I’ve read online that exhaust systems from 2000/2001 Impreza wrx fit bar the back box due to length. is this true? Has anyone done this? Cheers
  10. Thanks for the reply, bleed the slave cylinder and it’s sorted the issue👍
  11. Hi All, So I have a couple of questions and was wondering if anybody could answer them? Firstly I’ve just had a new 3 piece clutch fitted and for some reason the peddle sticks halfway! I can still change gear even tho the biting point is right at the bottom ( basically as soon as it leaves the footwell) which it didn’t do before? Any ideas... Secondly I want to fit some deep concave ally’s to it, 18”x 9.5 and was wondering if anyone on here has done this if so what work was needed to arches etc. Thanks Wayne