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Hi, just joined and introduced myself, have just acquired a 2007 forester with what I believe is a Kenwood SG5 or GX806EF2 CD / Radio 6 CD changer in double din. The Cd doesn't work as I think it has a disc jammed in. 2 questions, does anyone know how to remove  the unit from the car as I expect it will need to be out to repair it and does anyone know a fix or how to get the cd out. Also just thought of a third, if I need to replace with an after market unit , any suggestions on steering wheel control compatible ones, thanks Brian.

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Sorry if I'm duplicating here but - Hi everybody, request for a bit more help please, when I googled the size of double din it says 180 x 100.3 mm. when I've measured the built in unit in the (2007) forester it comes to about 174 x 100 mm, definitely under 180 by at least 5mm, is that the difference in a bezel ? will a double din fit in place of the built in unit ? don't want to be trying to trim the dash panel ! Thanks Brian.

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