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Had my 2014 XT from new. It's our main family and we love it but we walk most places and I work from home so has only covered 20k in five years.

I pay for my annual service with Subaru as i'm keen to keep everything in-check with the warranty however the next service is due and as it's out of warranty I would prefer to take it to a local garage I trust. I have an S2000 which goes to a specialist who people travel the country to visit and whilst I know it's a totally different car they are exceptional. I would have kept it with Subaru but the service last years was £540 and it just doesn't represent value for money.

I can see the car has a ten year anti-corrosion warranty and no service manual. Is it a problem taking it to an indy? Shall I just get them to follow the proper service intervals, making a note on the paperwork that they checked the bodywork for corrosion? Should they actually be re-undersealing it at this point?

I think the straw that broke the camel's back with Subaru was them trying to get us to cough up for new pads last year when I knew they had plenty of wear left. They also wanted to charge something like £360 for the pleasure of fronts when my local place with OEM parts would do it for a third of that.

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During winter, having your car under body washed well help keep corrosion down (I think).

I tend to have mind washed every two weeks in winter, just to keep road salt at minimum on the under body.

Your are correct about the pads being very pricy at Subaru

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