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The biggest issue I have with Subarus?


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What the hell am I going to replace my 2007 WRX with when the day finally comes? What else is out there that has the character, simplicity and just plain enjoyable without buying another from that year or before. Lets say I have 8-10k to spend. That is my biggest problem with owning this one.

Suggestions on a post card, open to any brand other than anything made in France (some nice cars but they just shed parts will driving in my experience).

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Depends on your needs I guess.

10K is a frustrating budget I always think as there is almost too much choice.

Want a German V8 you can’t afford to maintain. Grab an BMW M3 or Audi S4 before the good ones are thrashed.

want an impractical coupe, get yourself a 370z. 

Maybe a family car you can’t fit the pushchair in pretending to be a hot hatch because it pops every now and then. Get a golf. 

if you fancy a hot hatch that’s pretty unusual, offers comfort but has a bit of rawness to it a Mazda 3 MPS can be found sub 10K. Be wary of bad maps though.

if you have more details around your needs I should think people have loads of experience on here. 

Personally, I would do what you said not to grab yourself a nice 2.0l STI. They’re just the perfect all rounder (other than fuel economy of course, but helps to keep the miles per smiles down)

Or you could throw some cash at my beaten up MK2 fiesta. Cheap fun can be just as good. 

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