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  1. My pump seems fine when fluid level is correct. No noises and functions correctly. A little more research tells me this could be steering rack boot or something of that calliber. Things would be much easier with a ramp 😂
  2. I have topped it up again, I am now pretty much convinced it’s a leak or some sort as the fluid is draining when the car is not in use. Ill get it booked in and taken care off, don’t want the power steering to cut out again!
  3. I moved the reservoir to get a picture of the underneath, the reservoir itself looked okay and pipes that connected around looked okay too. The bracket was a little bit wet, dabbed it with some cloth and no obvious colour so I’m not sure what that is. Thought I was on to something then!
  4. I found this under the power steering fluid reservoir. Is that a perished seal?
  5. Hello, Can anyone help me with where to get a power steering pump for a 2003 Impreza STI? I noticed some juddering the other day turning at low speed which got worse on my way home. Also a whine from engine area which I assumed was PS. PS fluid was low so I topped it up, fluid has deminished again over the last couple of days, whine back and juddering started again. Have check all the hoses & joins with no obvious leaks so I am assuming this is the pump itself that has gone! Any help much appreciated! Thanks James
  6. Definitely worth burping the system, after just 100 miles I would take it back to the garage to check everything was put back properly for peace of mind. The less time/mileage you put on it post the garage swapping the radiator the more likely they will be to take liability if they are at fault in any way. Not that you are trying to play the blame game or anything but obviously you want to make sure that everything has been done correctly, overheating issues picked up and resolved early will save you in the long run! Best of luck :)
  7. Thanks both, that’s good to know. I did see yours, Looks really lovely but I think I have one lined up already I just need to convince the owner to let someone who is going to us it take it off their hands 😂
  8. Thanks Tidgy - That’s seems to be the feedback I’m getting. I am looking for something a little more raw and edgy, it will be a road goer but not a daily so it shouldn’t be an issue. Does anyone have an advice in terms of what to look out for when purchasing one? Any hidden quirks specific to type Rs?
  9. Hi All, looking at getting a type R in the new year, have had a newage STI for 3 years now and a newage WRX before that so not new to Impreza's Anyone who has experience with these would you mind passing on any advice that you have re what to expect? I have done a fair bit of research already but wanted any first hand experience! many thanks
  10. Great choice - chuck some pictures on if you get a chance
  11. Think as others said it is probably a reflection of the market, from conversations I've had this shape was a little marmite (I personally think it's the best since Blob and would love to have if I had the money) I would try some other forums more active forums and personally always found eBay to be the best way to advertise (I would just avoid placing as a bidder and keep as an advert or you will get time wasters for sure) Also sold a few parts through Gumtree
  12. If its modded then Adrian Flux, Flux Direct or Greenlight who I think will match you NCB for a second car. I'm 23 and no other insurer will touch me haha