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  1. Definitely worth burping the system, after just 100 miles I would take it back to the garage to check everything was put back properly for peace of mind. The less time/mileage you put on it post the garage swapping the radiator the more likely they will be to take liability if they are at fault in any way. Not that you are trying to play the blame game or anything but obviously you want to make sure that everything has been done correctly, overheating issues picked up and resolved early will save you in the long run! Best of luck :)
  2. Jamina

    Impreza type R

    Thanks both, that’s good to know. I did see yours, Looks really lovely but I think I have one lined up already I just need to convince the owner to let someone who is going to us it take it off their hands 😂
  3. Jamina

    Impreza type R

    Thanks Tidgy - That’s seems to be the feedback I’m getting. I am looking for something a little more raw and edgy, it will be a road goer but not a daily so it shouldn’t be an issue. Does anyone have an advice in terms of what to look out for when purchasing one? Any hidden quirks specific to type Rs?
  4. Jamina

    Impreza type R

    Hi All, looking at getting a type R in the new year, have had a newage STI for 3 years now and a newage WRX before that so not new to Impreza's Anyone who has experience with these would you mind passing on any advice that you have re what to expect? I have done a fair bit of research already but wanted any first hand experience! many thanks
  5. Hi mate, Sold for the asking price some time ago but thank you for the interest.
  6. Jamina

    Colour for wheels?

    Great choice - chuck some pictures on if you get a chance
  7. Jamina

    Colour for wheels?

    Anthracite, Bronze or Gold
  8. Jamina

    Time for a change

    Very smart!
  9. Think as others said it is probably a reflection of the market, from conversations I've had this shape was a little marmite (I personally think it's the best since Blob and would love to have if I had the money) I would try some other forums more active forums and personally always found eBay to be the best way to advertise (I would just avoid placing as a bidder and keep as an advert or you will get time wasters for sure) Also sold a few parts through Gumtree
  10. Jamina

    Insurance nightmare!

    If its modded then Adrian Flux, Flux Direct or Greenlight who I think will match you NCB for a second car. I'm 23 and no other insurer will touch me haha
  11. Sounds good to me, like i say i'm not looking for the cheapest option - more than happy to invest. Will ring around and see where I get. Ta
  12. I guess I'm not too bothered about the cheaper option it's about creating something that will last. I will start contacting tuners and see what suggestions I get
  13. I can live with that. Plenty of time to get prepared and I would rather plough money into the STI than keep going through different motors. Would still be good to hear from from someone who has gone down this route and any recommendations?
  14. It's an idea that is early in it's life so I wondered if anyone on here has experience in doing something similar and what can I expect in cost to get there? How far power wise can I get with a 2.1 or should I be aiming for a different set up entirely? I do not plan on undertaking any of the work myself, I do not have the experience to even begin something like this so where would you go to get something built that will stand the test of time. I'm not interested in doing things by halves so when this project is undertaken I want to go somewhere reputable. My expectations in the end would be something that could be used as a daily, completely road legal and has as little lag as possible. I am not a BHP chaser but I would imagine it would have to end up about 500BHP-600BHP or I may as well just stick with the stock internals. Current setup is a 53 STI @340BHP Appreciate the feedback all,
  15. Jamina

    Mudflap colour

    Blue on mine too :)