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  1. Never done this but looks simple enough so long as you don't get unlucky when removing bolts...
  2. Tried out a set of 17” OEM wheels and didn’t make any difference on ride over 18” So I think I will stick to 18”. Have just under £800 set aside for a set of wheels now Any advice welcome on what would be a good option to fit over Brembos, no arch modification or spacers but fills the arches as much as possible. Must be 5x100, happy with most colours, don’t need to be super light or anything as I’m not a track goer, used/new/oem/aftermarket I’m not bothered but not ideally looking for anything needing a refurb, tyres would be a bonus but not essential. Any advice welcome cheers.
  3. As above although it doesn't have fins, this is how it should look and is an OEM part. I have seen people delete these but personally I just re-coated mine in temp proof paint so it doesn't stand out behind the grille. I think people delete to make room for hella horns so that they are central rather than both being on the n/s
  4. When this lockdown is over I think I will have to just go and try them and see. The seller did offer but it is a long way to go home empty handed. I had looked at the OZ Superleggra but they just aren't quite symmetrical enough for me!
  5. Cheers @Jay762 funny enough this is the other set that I am considering due to the scarcity of the BBS but I am specifically looking for 17” I found this set a few weeks back: can’t find a clear answer on whether these fit over Brembos, have been advised that the do and don’t fit due to the offset/spike pattern. also quite pricey but are very lightweight as you say and also look amazing. Was looking to spend about £800-£900 depending on condition etc. lot of choice out ther
  6. Cheers @Jay762 have included a picture on here. Has to be 5x100 PCD which is why I think I am struggling so much! i don’t use Facebook so would be great to have an eye on there! hard to gauge an average asking price when you don’t see them anywhere! If I can’t find a set I will find a set of OEM STI wheels instead.
  7. Still looking for a set of these - does anyone know a rough guideline on value? It’s hard to tell what sort of a price is fair and what would be considered pricey as these don’t come up often.
  8. Cheers, I also use blackcircles some really decent prices on there when discounts are on!
  9. Am considering the attached. Is anyone able to advise on wheels specs I have selected as to whether they would be correct fitment for Brembos and the best width to fill the arches without arch mods. thank you!
  10. Turinis high on my list and look great on the big!
  11. After actively searching for about 6 months I think it’s clear I’m not likely to find a set of STI BBS Wheels - in all that time a single set have come up in 5x100 as far as I know which were in dire condition and the seller thought they were made or solid gold. so...can anyone “show me theirs” the catch is that they have to be 5x100, 17”, under 1K if possible and still fit over STI Brembos. I have considered stock STI wheels and passed up several sets now which would have been a steal. I’m just personally not very keen on them!
  12. As fitted to some spec c models - not very common in the UK apparently.
  13. oh I see what your asking now - no don’t think blob has a light in the dash for that either. As said the back light just comes on
  14. Yours will differ from mine as I have pre facelift centre console. gives you an idea though.
  15. Should come on when lights are switched to sidelight or dipped or mains. attached it the brightness of mine after replacing the bulbs, I have literally just had to do this as 2 out of the 4 bulbs went at the same time.
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