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  1. I was told that HIDs might have to be a factory standard to pass MOT? Did some research and it seems LEDs are the way to go now which are supposedly just as good but can’t find which LEDs are right for an 03 STI Anyone got any ideas? ta
  2. Jamina


    Thanks @Jay762 that’s the conclusion I came too from the link you sent me. Have also emailed Konig to see what they say...
  3. Jamina


    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323847200254 these would have been the original wheels that came with the car. 17” 7.5J ET53 5x100 so 17s must fit!?
  4. Jamina


    Thanks @Jay762 by the looks of it these would actually give more clearance then!? think I got my original ET wrong, need to check tomorrow on the wheel but i think they are actually ET45. So the wheel spec is almost the same just moving from 18” to 17” and ET45 to ET40. wish I understood wheel sizes a bit more 😂
  5. Jamina


    Can anyone confirm if the wheels @Ryan_Lewis is selling will fit over Brembos? I have an 04 STI so it’s 5x100 PCD but I get the impression the ET on these means they won’t fit without spacers?
  6. Jamina


    Hi @Ryan_Lewis, Cheers for letting me know I appreciate it. I am still deciding what I am after. I do really like what you have but I’m convinced these are totally the wrong spec for Brembos. I will do some more research on it.
  7. Jamina


    I have seen a set of PFF-7s and think these are possibly a nice way to go. Same wheel spec as what I already have but weigh in a bit lighter. If they aren't filling the arches enough I can always add some spacers to fill them out. So will be on the hunt for a set, trouble is I believe the 5x100 option are fairly rare... Preferably going to get a cheaper set that need a refurb so I can choose a colour
  8. Does anyone run 17" wheels on a non-widetrack STI? I am thinking about changing wheels and there is a plethora of choice out there. I currently have 18", 8JJ, ET51 but was thinking that moving over to 17" and losing the low profile tyres might make for a smoother ride. I believe the original wheels would have been 17"? Have been looking at 17", 8.5JJ options (no idea what ET I need) to fill the arches a bit better. Rota have some nice options... @Ryan_Lewis is selling a really nice set but i'm guessing these aren't suitable for MY03 STI and is quite a trek from me. I may be tempted to get a set of these if they do the right size. Any first hand experience or advice on 17" over 18"? Cheers
  9. @savage bulldogs oh my 🥴 i really shouldn’t ask but do you know how much they would be after for the series McRae or any other early ones he might have that he wants to part with? You’re welcome to pm me if he doesn’t want it plastered all over the forum
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Subaru-Impreza-WRX-WRC-Re-Creation/333209135938?hash=item4d94cfeb42:g:6jIAAOSw86hc56qJ
  11. Thanks for all the advice on this, forgot to update thread! Issue now resolved, the steering rack was the issue, now been replaced and all working good as new :)
  12. wow @savage bulldogs that is some collection, makes me wonder what they are not selling!!! Would love a Series McRae or any standard/interesting early impreza at some point. Hope they find the right home.
  13. My pump seems fine when fluid level is correct. No noises and functions correctly. A little more research tells me this could be steering rack boot or something of that calliber. Things would be much easier with a ramp 😂
  14. I have topped it up again, I am now pretty much convinced it’s a leak or some sort as the fluid is draining when the car is not in use. Ill get it booked in and taken care off, don’t want the power steering to cut out again!
  15. I moved the reservoir to get a picture of the underneath, the reservoir itself looked okay and pipes that connected around looked okay too. The bracket was a little bit wet, dabbed it with some cloth and no obvious colour so I’m not sure what that is. Thought I was on to something then!