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Wrx sti purchase


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I am new to this site but am.after any advise you guys are able to give.

After months of searching for the right special, weekend car, I have sort of stumbled across the wrx sti. I love the look of these but as yet have yet to drive one.

I see this car as something out of the ordinary & a vehicle that will always be sought after & desirable.

1. Do you wholeheartedly endorse & recommend this car?

2. Is the stock exhaust ok on the UK & final edition model or is an after market cat back an absolute must?

3. Would you say £31k for an 18 plated, 500 mile (yes 500 no typo) one owner car in mint condition with fssh,  Final Edition is a good price from an Indy Dealer?

4. Do you see these cars holding their value in years to come & possibly becoming collectable g8ven tgat it is a final edition?

Sorry for all the questions, but @ £30k plus I start getting a little twitchy as it is a major outlay. I am happy to pay the money but as long as it is the right car to plough the money into hence the above questions.

Your advice & opinions would be most welcome.

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Welcome to the site

Nice cars but as its a new(er) car unless you store it and don't drive it, it will only go down in price.

Any car will benefit from a free flowing exhaust depending on what you want the car to do. An exhaust on its own will only give minimal power increases but will sound better.

£31k seems par for the course but it's supply and demand, always try and get something knocked off, especially as the market for an "as new" WRX STi is quite limited, a bit specialised for most people

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Who knows about the future of any fossil fuel car. It could become worthless as it can only be used on a race track. I personally do not think a 2018 WRX STI will be worth anything once we all go electric as it is too modern and plenty about in the USA. I do hope I am wrong. Fossil fuel cars will become a rich man's toy cause it can only be used on a race track. Palmer who owns most UK tracks will be rolling in it.

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