How to access the drivers lower dash trim on hawkeye?

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As the titles says really, I need to remove the lower dash trim drivers side on my Hawkeye WRX and can't find a video online showing how its done

Thanks in advance for any help or advice it very much appreciated

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Just wanted to follow up just in case anyone looks at this thread with the same problem.

It's actually a really easy job, there're 3 screws to undo, the first is on the side of the dash and can only be accessed when the door is open, it's a plastic screw and pops out with little effort, it's the only screw there so you can't miss it.

The other two are metal, the first is located right next to the bonnet release catch and the last is at the other side of the trim at the bottom right next to the centre console, a light would be good to locate and line it up. After that just give it a little tug (can I say that the not bring attention to it?:jester:) and it just drops down, don't worry about the wires they're all long enough to let it drop to the floor and that's it.


Hope someone in the future might find this useful.

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