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New Member here to say hi!


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Hello all, 

Hoping all is well on here? Has taken a while to join this club so here goes. 

I have been a very happy owner of my 2005 Impreza WRX turbo PPP for just over a year and keen to stay in the subaru family for many years to come. Reason for joining is to seek any advice on maintenance or useful tips. 

My car is factory stock and has been in the family since new with no modifications and have no intentions of changing unless someone can change my mind. 

One question I have is both my front headlights are starting to become cloudy or tanned. Any recommendations to either restore or replace would be useful. 

From Wiltshire.  






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Wotcha and welcome, for your headlights try a tube of toothpaste that contains bicarb soda, arm & hammer type stuff. coat generously and leave for about 20 minutes then scrub off with an old toothbrush then rinse. One tube should do both headlights.

If that doesnt work then you are into a restoration kit (Halfords stock these) but you will need to apply a wax to stop it clouding again as you will have removed the UV protection layer during the restoration process

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