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Subaru XV purchase


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I just bought a 2012 subaru xv 2.0 diesel. Full service history, great condition. Was put off a little as car was sitting some time, moved from larger dealer to smaller dealer. 

I bought it anyway and left with my mechabic, he sees no issues. 

Firstly, is there a repair manual for this car. Cant see a haynes one but for my previous volvo i j had volvo vida which was direct access to volvo dealer repair guides. Can you do this with subaru? 

My trip computer reads 35.1mpg, should be 50, are the trips inaccurate on the XV or should i be worried? 


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Howdy, and welcome!

I'm not sure about repair manuals i'm afraid, i think your right that Haynes does not offer one for the diesel XV 😞 if there are any specific questions feel free to ask them here, there are enough of us who have done some tinkering that hopefully we can help with any questions! 

As for fuel consumption, was this the result from one journey or the lifelong fuel consumption? 

I'd expect to see low to mid 40s regularly, depending on driving style and conditions. Also i've noted that mine is always bad for consumption in the first 10 or 15 mins while the engine is getting warm, so if its only a short journey you did, this could be the problem?

The low 35.1 might be as a result of it being sat on a sales lot and only started to charge the Battery or take it on test drives? 

Reset the trip computer next time your out for a decent dive and see what you get.

I'm sure your mechanic has already checked, but make sure to change the oil and filter if its been sitting a while - also i don't know about you, but i don't trust sales garages to have completed the maintenance they say they have! 

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