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SOLD : 2009 Legacy 3.0R Spec B 65k miles


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Hello all,


I'm selling my 09 3.0R Spec B Si Drive. It is an immaculate vehicle with 65k miles. I bought it in early July 2020 as my new Golf GTi Performance has packed up and went back to the dealer for a full refund. I was left without any means of transport and decided to buy one as a temporary car (owned 2x 2.0i models years ago). Found the only 3.0 Spec B in the country and travelled 180 miles to pick it up - it was everything that I expected it to be.


It has only covered 65k miles and has full service history:


9569 miles

17459 miles

27273 miles

33541 miles

36615 miles

39538 miles

44091 miles

49190 miles

51855 miles

64276 miles - this was carried out in August during my ownership and included full major service by Tim Farmer at SUBBUS: all fluids changed (brake fluid, differential, gearbox, engine, spark plugs) and also new Brembos on the back, front ARB links, Billet Battery clamp, new wheel nuts, etc.


It is fully stock and has all the options including:

- Front and rear parking sensors

- Electric heated leather memory seats

- Sunroof

- All the Spec B goodies such as front grille, lip, Bilstein suspension, etc.

- Touchscreen Satnav

- Bluetooth

- Si Drive with Paddleshifts (shifts as fast as manual and gets the same 6.4s to 60).


The car obviously drives spot on without any issues. Just a few age related dints here and there. Drives better than my new Golf ever did! Changes gears smoothly and is knock free. Will need new rear tyres, exhaust Y piece and an MOT in October - I'm planning to carry these out at the end of October. Would lower the price if someone is willing to pick it up now before I carry all of the above - other than these things, SUBBUS has checked and confirmed that everything is spot on so it should pass the MOT without any issues once the above matters are looked into.


I'm planning to advertise the car elsewhere after I carry out the above late in October and slapped a new MOT on it, but posting here to see if anyone is interested. Looking at £6k with new Y piece and tyres or £5.5k to buy it now without it. The exhaust is £150 for the Y piece (already have a quote at a place in Walsall) or £420 from catback all the way to the end with boxes - both options are custom made stainless steel. Tyres are £120 a corner for Potenzas.


This is the only example in the UK. Whenever I have seen a facelift H6 Spec B (I'm talking about a few years ago when I bought a 2.0i) on eBay or Autottader, it was gone within a day or two. Located in Cambridgeshire.


The picture was taken this morning at 6am:59b8893ab946ffb049af5fd748f2b792.jpg&key=6449b97d36abe54937d7df0d8cdf4cd57a4dbec6cf7822731d42d3eeeaf74188



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