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Tuning my 2005 Subaru Impreza GDA

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Good day lads, 

proud owner of a 2005 Subaru wrx GDA 

owned the car for about 2 years now.

recently decided I’m going to start tuning it 

These are the part I’ve already bought...

*VF48 turbo  

*Sti front mount intercooler.

*Sti pink injectors.  

*Down pipe & 3” exhaust to Apexi bore.

*Process West Cold Air Intake 72mm w/ K&N Filter.

*Subaru Fuel Filter - Under Bonnet.

*Raceworks 265LPH In Tank Fuel Pump Subaru.


Looking for some feed back, what do you guys think of my set up ? 
would you recommend anything else that I’ve missed ? 
look forward to hearing from you 


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Id definetely add an uppipe to this list mate Even a catless sti one will be better and a 3 port boost solenoid maybe all that looks ok as long as you have a remap planned as soon as you have fitted these parts. Be careful you dont push too much power through your 5 speed gearbox, general opinion is its fine for 350bhp max but bear in mind your transmission is getting old now good luck find a good mapper and you should be have a pretty good result from your upgrades.

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Yeah sorry missed that part, I Havnt yet purchased a uppipe but planning on doing that this week.

whats the benefits of a 3 port boost solenoid ??

yeah it will be going in for a custom remap as soon as all the parts have been fitted 

I’ve already installed a heavy duty clutch, 

thanks for you’re feed back hoping to aim for the 290-300 whp, I will update the thread when I have some results

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