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Fuel Pump Housing Help


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So i'm having trouble finding a fuel pump housing / sender for an early classic 1995 impreza wrx, due to early classic and late classics being different.

My question is will a late classic sender unit work the exact same other than the pipe directions? Mostly the fuel gauge i'm worried about.


Would a newage sender unit work the exact same other than the pipe directions? Again mostly the fuel gauge.


Finally, does anyone possibly know of a place to get a after market fuel pump sender for a 1995 impreza wrx.

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Think I remember there was a difference in my v1/v2 to v3/v4 , as I'm sure I had to swap my v3/v4 rcm pump into th v1/V2 cage assembly. 

As @SF5Fozzi said most parts are the same so maybe you can swap the fuel tank float /sender unit from a working later model into your v2 cage ?

Are you sure it's the float assembly at fault ? Have you tried checking the pump /sender unit plug connection plug under the drivers side rear seat ? 


As mine needed to be cleaned up to cure a intermittent gauge /pump priming issue before .

Couldn't tell you if there was any other difference between classic versions or later pump assemblies , as I just swapped the pump over into the correct cage for my car .


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