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New Subaru Outback owner


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I have just got an Outback (3 years old).  This is my first Japanese car so looking around for comment, problems, what to do and what not to do.

Attempts to put my 'phone contacts have failed so far so that might be the first question to all of you experienced owners.


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Wotcha and welcome - I dont have experience with anything as new as that myself but feel free to take some photos and post a question thread in the general or outback sections, all friendly on here

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Thanks guys, after a lot of messing about with both the vehicle and the 'phones setting I have now got everything loaded - twice!!  Now all I need to do is eliminate the duplicates and see how well the system works in practice.

Lockdown means that I cannot drive around, but the little I have done I find the car most impressive.  The 'Eyesight' system is incredible.

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