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2007 Forester wet headliner?


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Hi all, got a question for you Forester experts!

My sister owns a 2007 JDM Forester.  This morning she noticed that the headlining was wet pretty much all around the edges and also a small patch near the courtesy light in the front.  My first thought was that the roof rail seals were letting in water, but thought I'd check here to see if anyone had any other ideas?  We pulled the rear portion of the headlining down to see if we could see anything and it looks like the entire roof panel is wet too. The car doesn't have a sunroof so it's not the drain tubes.....

Also, could someone confirm if it's an SG5 or an SG9?  Pic below:



Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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just read the VIN number on the build plate in engine bay and you will see what it is .
It either some water via roof  bar fixings or condensation , we seen some pretty bad condensation in recent months .
put a dehumidifier in it to dry it out.
sometimes can actually be leaking say doors or bulkhead/screen and condensation takes it to the roof lining .

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A quick check for the cabin filter being wet might be a good idea.

I found my filter to be sopping wet because muddy silt had built up under the windscreen wiper cowling stopping water escaping on the bulkhead. I had terrible condensation, the heater blower was sucking air through the wet filter and blowing out damp.    

Best wishes


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