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Hi, I have a 2016 Levorg 1.6 GT which I love and have only just discovered this very informative site.  I have owned one ‘91 Legacy, one ‘97 Outback and two Foresters (‘03 and 08) before the Levorg, which I love as I no longer need the ground clearance and it is so nice to drive.  

My first contribution regards a full - size spare.  I solved this by buying a used Kia Ceed 18” 7.5j ET55 5x114.3 wheel and fitting it with a used but good 225 45 R18 tyre - both from eBay for £100.00 total.  A 67.1 - 56.1 spigot ring (£2.95) is then all that is needed for a perfect fit.  The wheel isn’t identical to the originals but it looks pretty much the same and will be fine as a spare.  I lifted out the plastic insert and it fits perfectly under the rear load floor in the space provided.  Job done and I feel much happier than when I just had the supplied inflator kit.  Space saver wheel would be useless as you can’t fit one to a front wheel - just what you need on a stinking night on the hard shoulder.

Surely they must return to supplying a proper, full-sized spare?  Looking forward to enjoying being a member and benefitting from all your knowledge and ideas!







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I have a 2017 Levorg 1.6 GT, with EyeSight. I changed from the dealer fit WRX STI 18x8.5 wheels with 145/40 tyres that the car came with to very light 17" x 7.5 wheels with 225/50 tyres, to improve the ride and handling. Definite improvement. I have a space saver spare, I like the room it leaves for stuff under the boot floor, and I figured that in the event of a front puncture, I can always swap a rear wheel onto the front and stick the spare on the rear. Having also come from various Outbacks, Imprezas and Foresters, I love this car and the way it drives. The only thing I've added is a throttle controller.

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Hi, what is a throttle controller?  

I agree about the ride but we are very rural here and I fitted winter tyres, which I keep on all year as only do about 6k per year and they soften the ride considerably.  I went for the full-size spare as, if I have I do have a puncture, I want to get on at normal speed and finish my journey.  I couldn’t be doing with all the limitations of a space saver.  With the insert removed and the spare wheel in upside down, there is just as much storage space as before.

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