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Levorg Full-Size Spare Wheel


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I introduced myself on the forum a couple of days ago and mentioned how I arranged to have a full-size spare, so thought I would post it here with some pics.

I solved this by buying a used Kia Ceed 18” 7.5j ET55 5x114.3 wheel and fitting it with a used but good 225 45 R18 tyre - both from eBay for £100.00 total.  A 67.1 - 56.1 spigot ring (£2.95) is then all that is needed for a perfect fit.  The wheel isn’t identical to the originals but it looks pretty much the same and will be fine as a spare.  I lifted out the plastic insert and it fits perfectly under the rear load floor in the space provided.  Job done and I feel much happier than when I just had the supplied inflator kit.  Space saver wheel would be useless as you can’t fit one to a front wheel - just what you need on a stinking night on the hard shoulder.

So, all done for £115.00 including fitting and balancing the tyre.  Hope this is of use to someone.







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It has worked out well.  Local Subaru MD quoted me £460.00 for a wheel and said they were ‘unaware of any other alternative other than a Road Hero Space Saver for £245.00 but don’t worry, you’ll be fine with the emergency repair kit’.  So I asked our local village garage and he told me exactly what to do, checked it was exactly right before I bought it, tipped me off about the spigot ring, fitted and balanced the tyre, all for £15.00.  (Note to Subaru MDs - this is called customer service ...)

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