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Reversing camera for 2017 WRX Sti

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Looking to add camera to OEM head unit. Does anyone have recommendation? No idea if current OEM head unit has socket for camera. comes standard on US model but don't know what options are open for UK. My strong preference is to have OEM type install i.e. not having separate dedicated display on dash or having to install new head unit.

I've done various google searches but US centric. Any insights are appreciated.

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Unfortunately too new for me, best suggestion is to pull the unit and see if it has the AV connection for the camera input. It shouldn't be too hard to get the unit out. On the 2008 - 2015 models it is pop the surround then remove the x4 screws

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Yes - will end up taking a look once weather less cold. Read that OEM head unit needed to keep some infotainment features that are built into software as well as possible to utilise the mini display at top of dash for front camera, again, all depends on what is in there already.

As a fallback, assuming existing head unit not suitable, anyone got recommendations for aftermarket alternatives as again, read that getting tidy bezel finish is tricky and options here seem very limited. 

Dealer not overly knowledgeable about the specifics.


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