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Subaru Impreza 2008 Hatchback 2.0 R, 150 hp, 4x4, MT


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Wotcha and welcome. Own and run an 08 auto version of this car. Had no issues, it has been a reliable motor.

+ its a solid reliable car with a great 4x4 drive train.


- it is under powered for the weight of the car

- it is very soft to drive, more for comfort than the harder set up wrx or sti


Check rear arches for rust as dirt will sit on top of the lip

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It depends on how you like to drive. The Auto box makes it quite a relaxed drive, it has got a semi auto option where you can select gears manually. 0-60 is about teh same with both cars, manual slightly faster but that is all down to the gear ratios.

I still tend to favour a manual and even though you can get a semi auto 2.0sti from Japan that does not appeal but it comes down to personal preference. Auto is certainly easier in the city

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City 45-49km/h - highway 110-140km/h with Reno Scenic 2000 minivan 😄, but with this subaru i want same km/h. i dont put tuning or something like that. only full service and make me happy in snow, rain- more of the time when have bad weather and deep snow. I calculated my km for a month 1000 - 1100, per a year 12,000- 13,200 km.


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