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Is there a workshop manual out there so I can change the rear wheel bearings on my XV

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I have bought two downloaded manuals from the net and they are 4000 pages long, and I can't find the page I want for changing the rear wheel bearings on my 2016 XV. They are a rip off because they are for US/ Canada models. Doe's anyone have the info on changing rear wheel bearings on my model? Also is there a 'Hanes' type manual available for the model. I realise already that you can't get one for the diesel engine model.


                                                                                                          Rocker Goldie.   

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I would suggest looking at youtube for xv rear wheel bearing change covering you year model .
Video give you far better basic guide .
Technically it simple nut and bolt job swap out a complete hub bearing assembly but corrosion can make them difficult slow process without good air tools .
Buy a quality bearing assembly preferably japanese, not the lower priced stuff and none of the german sounding brands that actually chinese garbage .

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Hi, Thanks for your help. I have been looking at a STARK bearing, which I think is of German Manufacture. I've been on their website and they claim it's a quality product. It also has a 3 year guarantee. The price is £112.78p on another website. Trouble is they don't mention if it's got a integrated ABS sensor whereas other bearing manufacturers do. So it's all very confusing. It was a lot easier to run a Punto.

I was thinking of buying a long length if 13mmx150mm flat steel bar and drilling it to fit over the 5 hub studs and to clear the centre boss. I was then going to use it to stop the hub rotating while I undid the centre nut. Then, with the steel being a long length, I was going to belt it with a 7lb hammer towards the end of the steel. The idea is the leverage effect of the long length. And because I am hitting it 'sideways' it will crush rust rather/as well as pull against it. I could then re-position the drive shaft/hub, to belt it again to crush rust in a different area of the hub/drive shaft, etc, etc. If I got the rust crushed to powder then I might be able to get the hub off with some basic pulling gear Iv'e got already. If that doesn't work I will have to buy better drawing gear. I could also probably utilise the flat bar to aid the pulling gear, if the pulling gear wasn't a good fit to the job.

You have got to realise I haven't actually seen the job yet! The wheels are still on the vehicle. What do you think?

                                                                                                                                                                                      Regards RGS. 

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What I think is it a 1hr garage charge ...
Do realise you likely have no usable warranty as expect the warranty terms will require fitting by qualified mechanic .
Look at MOOG, should find it around £80 mark
You can get genuine for around £150

We have enough issues with warranty at times so don't rely on any warranty too much .

Being not too old good chance you find it easy remove, chisels be useful as will so good punches .
Plenty penetrating oil applied daily over few days in advance may help .
We use an air hammer/riveter which makes quick work of them, one user on here replicated that to some extent with a SDS hammer drill .

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The Warranty runs out in April and Subaru will not change the bearing under warranty according to my local dealer. Apparently the 5 year warranty only covers the drive train and maybe the engine, but I'm not sure of that bit. They don't class the wheel bearings has drive train. Anyway it was picked up last year has  slight wear in the MOT by the dealer. The exhaust was cracked also but Subaru did that under warranty, but like I said disowned the wheel bearings.

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Hi, Anyone tried one of these seen on youtube. You could actually Hub Shocker Hub Busters | Remove ANY Wheel Bearing Easily - YouTube make one.

Don't know if the link has loaded OK, but a guy removes a XRX wheel bearing very easily. Trouble is it is in the USA. Well worth looking at.

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