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Back brakes

David Miller

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Hi all. Last week I bought a V3 jdm sti.

The back brakes are standard 1 pot of which I need nee pads and discs.

I have been trying to order new pads and discs but they all want to k ow discs size and pad pattern?

I tried taking the wheels off but it looks like I need a wheel gun so it is just a ball ach as I don’t have a drive way.

does any one know what size discs and pads I need? Just makes it one trip to the garage just to fit rather then 2.

Thanks very much πŸ‘πŸ»



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Off the top of my head I can't remember the disc diameter but all classic turbo rear discs that fit the single pot sliding rear calipers are the same diameter and 5 x100 pcd .

Only difference is the early import and most uk gt varieties have solid rear discs but later ones are vented rear discs .

So as long as you buy either vented or non vented to suit that type of single pot sliding caliper that fitted to your car , you'll be fine fella πŸ‘

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